Hotel Review – Marriott Fallsview Hotel, Niagara Falls, CAN | May 2017

For my birthday, I decided I wanted to go to Niagara Falls. I started the planning phase & then put it on hold to focus on paying off my credit cards. When a deal for flights to Buffalo (after I paid off my credit cards) came up, I saw my opportunity to check this off my bucket list. I purchased the airplane tickets & then started (again) the search for the perfect Niagara Fallsview hotel.

As with life, vacations need to have a purpose, a focal point, a reason for existing. If you want to get away to relax for several days, you wouldn’t plan a trip to climb Machu Picchu would you? Well, I wouldn’t, because that is not relaxing for me. So, this trip was about Niagara Falls, to soak in as much of the falls as I could stand. To stare at the falls, until I could stare no more.

I searched “Best Niagara Falls hotel” and found this article from Huffington Post. I knew I wanted to see the Falls from the Canadian side, since there is not much to see from the US side, which left only two hotels: Embassy Suites & Marriott Fallsview. Please note, there are two Marriott hotels on Fallsview Blvd, the one I am talking about is the one located at 6740 Fallsview Blvd.

I did some digging & while Embassy Suites stood taller (31 floors) than Marriott Fallsview (23 floors), I decided on Marriott Fallsview, for several reasons:

  1. Marriott Fallsview website was easier to navigate
  2. Marriott Fallsview had cheaper rates
  3. Combination of reviews seemed to say Marriott Fallsview had a better view.

I booked a King, River view (floors 5-11) room via Expedia for $228.58 USD, total for two nights. I booked a cheaper room, with the expectation to upgrade at the last minute, since we were staying mid week. On the morning of check in, I called to ask for a high floor, away from elevator (standard request). The front desk agent, stated they would put in the request, & asked if I wanted to upgrade to a Superior King, Fallsview room for $40 CAD/night, which I agreed to. The going rate for the King, River view was $117 USD/night + taxes, while the Superior Fallsview, King was $200 USD/night + taxes. Booking through Expedia saved me $20 USD/night on the River room, so $40 CAD/night upgrade ($71.50 USD total) was a steal.

Marriott Fallsview Room #2323 Night View

Upon checkin, we were assigned to room #2323, which was located on the highest floor of the hotel. The view from the room, was breathtaking, & I would highly suggest, if you are going to Niagara Falls, book a high floor, Superior Fallsview room. The money spent on the room, is money saved from doing excursions. There was no need to take the Hornblower cruise, as I could see the falls at any time, from my room. There was no need to take the Illumination cruise, as I watched the light show from my room. See the view from our room here.

  1. Cost (4/5): If you are able to get a good rate for the room (under $130/night) the view is worth it.
  2. Location (5/5): Great location right next to the Falls. There is a side door, off the gift shop on the main floor, that leads to a bridge that walks right towards the Horseshoe Falls. There is a railway ($2.75 CAD each way) that will take you to the ground level to view the falls, or else you will have to walk about 2km around.
  3. Size (5/5): The size of the room was not an issue. A family of four could comfortably stay in the room, note there was no pullout sofa in our King room, but the Superior Fallsview room also comes with two Queen beds. My issue with the room was that the bathroom door swung open into the vanity, thus that you could not stand at the sink while the bathroom door was open. This was quite frustrating, as you had to always keep the door to the shower closed in order to access the vanity sink.
    • Room (5/5)
    • Bathroom (3/5)
  4. Bed (3/5): The left side of the bed (closest to the Falls) was sunken in. We took off the sheets & noticed a label that said “This label should be at the foot of the bed & facing upwards during the month of July through December.” Since it was May, it was safe to say the mattress had not been rotated in almost a year. So we decided to rotate it. Once we removed the mattress, we noticed the box spring on the left was also sunken, so we decided to rotate that as well. After rotating, the bed was comfortable. If I had paid the going rate ($200+/night) for this room, I would have been agitated regarding this oversight.

Overall, based solely on the hotel itself, I would give Marriott Fallsview Niagara Falls a 3/5 rating. The mattress was subpar for the Marriott brand, and it was only comfortable after we rotated the mattress & box spring. The fireplace, while a nice touch if you were sitting by the window, did not extend the warmth to the bed. The heater faced the same direction as the fireplace, which also did not allow for the entire room to get warm. The wifi was $9.95/day & since we upgraded, Marriott comped the charge, however, the Wifi was extremely slow. It took a long time for YouTube videos to load & play.

Breakfast is not included in the rate & costs $24.95/per person. There is a Starbucks in the lobby, which was nice for coffee/snacks, but the prices were a bit high. Instead, we walked the couple of blocks to Tim Hortons for breakfast & coffee for about half the price.

Marriott Fallsview Lobby

If I visit Niagara Falls again, I would stay at the Embassy Suites, so that I could compare their views & cost with Marriott. Marriott Fallsview had an amazing view of Niagara Falls, but the hotel itself leaves much to be desired.

Have you been to Niagara Falls (Canada side)? Where did you stay? Have you stayed at Marriott Fallsview before? Leave us a comment below.


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