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Welcome to our piece of the internet.

I’m not sure how you found us, but we are so glad you are here. Where is ‘here‘ you might ask? Our piece of the internet, of course! The place where we store our thoughts & trips.

We are Kenny & René, husband & wife duo from Florida. This is our story.

Our journey began many moons (117, to be exact) ago. We had no money, Kenny will say we still have no money, but wanted to travel. The desire was timid and stayed buried for awhile. Around mid 2015, things started to change, and I we decided it was “now or never”! So we made a resolution to travel & here we are!

Wanderlust is not confined to the one week of PTO you have each year. Honestly, with those 7 days of PTO, you can plan one trip a month.

In 2016, I learned that I don’t spend much time at hotels. Which was weird, because I spent so much time planning, spending tons of time at hotels. I learned I like hotels close to public transportation & in walkable areas. As long as the bed is comfortable & the shower gets hot water (true story: Our hotel in DC in DECEMBER, had issues with hotel water), I am a happy camper.

So, this is our dash of wanderlust: random tips (where to fly, when to buy, where to eat, where to sleep) & trips.

Here’s a photo I took while crossing the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, PA.

Thanks for stopping by!

Schuylkill River, PA


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